Our Story

Our Pecans

Quality is our promise, grown by our family to be enjoyed by yours. We are committed to providing only the finest quality pecans, grown on the fertile Rio Grande Valley soil, cultivated by the Salopek family. We have been committed for four generations to grow the finest quality pecans and will continue to makes this the focus for generations to come. Quality is key.


Our Family

We’re called a family, because we uplift and support one another, working as a unified group to achieve a greater good. Together, we strive to make a difference by representing the Legacy story of courage, perseverance, and success. We are a family that serves, inspires, and supports one another.


Our Customers

Our passion is to serve the community and leave a legacy. We aim to create a personalized customer experience that leaves you motivated to make a difference. Just as a pecan tree flourishes, we strive to plant a seed of inspiration that flourishes into abundant blessings. Yes, offering the finest quality pecans is our promise, but it goes far beyond that. It’s about you.


Our Community

Our company is part of a community, and we make it our responsibility to make a difference. We want to be connected and partnered with other local businesses in efforts be better the community and bring forth positive action, one community at a time. Legacy projects allow us to serve the community in which we encompass, and spread our branches as we foster growth and sustainability projects throughout the world. Legacy projects foster prosperity.


Our Legacy

The Salopek family came to America in 1923 from Croatia, Austria-Hungary. From a steel mill worker to a sheep famer, in 1955 the Salopek family planted their first pecan tree. When the family should have gone bankrupt several times due to natural disasters and economic downturns the family exemplified courage and strength and persevered to obtain success. Today, the Salopek family farms over 6,000 acres of pecans in the fertile Rio Grande Valley, making it the largest family owned pecan farm in the world. Through hard work, determination, and unimaginable sacrifices, prosperity can be achieved. How do you want to be remembered? What’s your legacy?

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